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The Company

The main priority of Project Labihzad is to understand and predict the real needs of our customers besides maintaining innovative and effective lighting design and facility management solutions with high degree of precision. With new technologies and solutions, Project Labihzad has continuously opened new horizons to light facility management, design and technical projects execution.

Established as a limited liability company by a group of professionals in various engineering and architectural fields, Project Labihzad specializes on design and implementation of light projects, light facility maintenance and management, procurement and direct sourcing of special lighting materials.

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Our Vision

We intensely consider how light and illumination can bring a personal, artistic or dynamic touch to your facility. We take pride on constant renewal, a client-based approach and personal touch. Our total vision of architectural quality and energy efficient lighting implies a constant search for the optimal balance between aesthetic values, functional tailor-made solutions, technical perfection and user-friendly assembly.

Our Mission

Project Labihzad wants their clients to enjoy and experience the light creations with all their senses. We therefore seek to offer a complete sensory light and energy efficient experience. A key factor in everything we do is transferring emotion and atmosphere.

Lighting Design

Project Labihzad attributes high importance to creation, development and renewal. We keep innovating our design and technologies, using only the highest quality products. So we remain a trendsetter in our branch.

Energy Solutions

With our precised energy audit and recommendations, Up to 80% energy consumption savings, much lower maintenance costs, and materials that are safer and friendlier to the environment will be achieved in our client’s facility.

Light Facility Management

Project Labihzad offers to think and act for their clients in the area of light facility management so as to allow them concentrate on their core business.We have taken time to create organized procedures towards management of light.

Special Lamps

We stock the lamps as manufactured for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and also source lamps that match or exceed the specifications of the OEM; the notable point being that we carry stock of various makes from several quality manufacturers across the globe

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